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Greendale Skateboards Inc

The Local Deck

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Two decks for $60. Promo applies in cart. 100% Canadian Maple. 7 epoxy bound veneers. Individually pressed in climate controlled environment. Comes with grip tape. 

The Local was an all-ages music venue on King Street here in Saint John in the early 90s (the 1900s lol). It was ran by the scene under the leadership of the friend of many, Anthony Stewart whose father owned the building. The rules here were the same as skate park rules and not a written set of rules that a hall rental that doesn’t factor in nuances in behaviour that youth looking for belonging can exhibit. It wasn’t without problems but nothing the scene couldn’t handle within itself. 

This skateboard is dedicated to that venue and the scene that grew from it. In particular, the wonderful people that came out of that scene who now do epic things here in Saint John as well as around the world.